Hello Zainab,


I recently contracted the services of a lawyer for my business registration but unfortunately she couldn’t complete the registration due to documents i couldn’t provide on time. Now i’m asking her to give me the memart and other documents with her but she refused saying it’s her document.


Please what should i do from here?




Budding Entrepreneur


Dear Budding Entrepreneur,

Although, the lawyer should not have any issues giving you back your documents, you can do without them.


A reserved name at the CAC lasts for 60 days. If 60 days has expired, you can start a new process to register the company. Of course, there are no guarantees that the name will still be available. With the new process, a new MEMART will be prepared and new documents filed. If you are registering through us at DIYlaw, we will be responsible for generating your MEMART, all you need do is provide us with a description of the business the company will engage in on your questionnaire.


If 60 days is yet to expire, you may want to consider choosing another name to start a fresh application.


I am very sorry, your lawyer is making you go through this. There are many good lawyers out there. Find some of them on our platform for accredited lawyers here