Dear Zainab,

Thanks for all the answers you have been providing to business owners like me. I have been helped many times reading your answers. Keep up the good work!

I have a little question of my own. I inherited a property from my Dad and I plan to rent it out. Someone has indicated interest and is ready to pay. A friend of mine however reminded me to draft a tenancy agreement. I know what it is but I would like to know what should be on it.


Young Landlord.

Dear Young Landlord,

Thank you for all the encouraging words. I’m primed to do more.

A tenancy agreement is a written document stating the duties and obligations of a landlord and his/her tenant. This document is signed by the tenant and the landlord or his duly appointed agent before and they both become bound by the terms once the agreement is signed.

There are some basic features your tenancy agreement should have. Read this article to find out what these features are.

Most importantly, you can get your tenancy agreement done professionally yet cheaply at DIYlaw.


Keep succeeding Young Landlord.

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