5 Steps to setting up a legal entity for your business in Nigeria

If you are considering setting up a legal structure for your business in Nigeria, here are 5 steps

4 Tips for choosing your company name

Agadi Nwanyi wanted to register his company and the name that  easily came to mind was Agadi

Types of Business Entities – Private Limited Liability Company

If you have any plans of taking OPM (Other People’s Money) and these other people happen to be

Types of Business Entities – Partnership

For a partnership*, its strength also happens to be its weakness. “Sharing” is a double edged

Types of Business Entities – The Business Name

Other than the obvious personal liability issues, which leave the founder(s) of a business name

How to appoint a director

Who is a director? The Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) defines directors as “persons

Documents needed to start a business-Shareholders Agreement

Whilst your MEMART would contain general provisions with regard to the object of the company and

Documents needed to start a business – Incorporation Documents

Whether it is a business name, a limited liability company or a partnership, you need to have some