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They're awesome. Registered a company in Nigeria entirely online without having to fight in CAC, and I'm in DC.


Thank you so much for solving this problem and even though I'm a lawyer myself I will certainly be using this service again!


I can attest to the quality of work DIYlawNG does. We've been using them for months now & will keep doing so. They're great


I have done several referrals to your organization. Just Keep improving daily


It's cheap and less stressful. The service was great.. Zainab regular feedback was awesome


Fantastic online process. Seamless online service from start to finish. I'll certainly be using them over and over again


Simple. Fast. Straight forward. No gimmicks. Great branding. Women-run. You are offering a good service. Love your branding


Excellent service, great communication through every step of the process, delivery on promises, convenience and finally, the novelty of the idea - law + IT. Awesome stuff. I hope you guys keep up the service quality. If you do, you're well on your way to being a powerhouse in this country and maybe even beyond. If I were an angel investor or venture capitalist I would be thrilled to invest in your business. It's innovative, efficient, and convenient. You should certainly advertise a lot more. I heard about you through word of mouth. I think you should promote your business more. You deserve to be known by every Nigerian there is!


Because it is better than alternatives and the process was good enough. DIYlaw operates an impressively seamless process for registering companies. Their customer service staff was very supportive even in the midst of unexpected issues which the Corporate Affairs Commission not DIY Law was responsible for. They were very patient and was eager to resolve all issues and complaints. Registering my business from the comfort of my office was very convenient and they come highly recommended.